September 13, 2017

Decorations in the home is an expression of the homeowner. Every house I go to has strikingly unique features, colors, and patterns.  Simply in colors, some people like earthy, warm color pallets. Rather, some prefer gray undertones with a single pop of color. Each shade is positively unexampled in another’s abode. There is an infinite number of hues in western paintings. If one describes their favorite color solely as “blue.” We’d ask them if it was periwinkle, ocean, navy, teal, cobalt, cerulean, or a myriad of others. When a prism is held up to the light, more than the exclusive “ROY G BIV” shines out. Besides the look of the color, each pigment has a specific meaning behind it. For example, turquoise indicates communication and clarity of mind while magenta’s connotation is one of universal harmony and emotional balance.

Every shade’s effect is distinct. Once diving deeper into decor, we can look at the basic shapes of the physical decorations a homeowner chooses. A rounded and more curvy vase may indicate that the owner is more of a “go with the flow,” flexible type person. A straight-edged, ninety degrees angled vase would indicate someone with more strict, modern tastes. My mother and older sister, for example, have quite differing decoration tastes. My mom prefers tan walls with spongy textures, deep red accents around dark, earthy brown furniture. She likes lots of patterns and textures. Simultaneously, my sister enjoys smooth, white walls, white and black furniture, few patterns, and only a few pops of bright yellow. My sibling loves the sharp-edged, modern look while my mom goes for soft and curvy accents. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what your tastes are. It doesn’t matter what colors, patterns, or vases you like. If it’s your space, you should decorate it as you please. If you want it to be a certain way, absolutely no one should prevent you from doing such a thing. Just as you should never prevent someone else from decorating their house how they see fit.