Décor is important in this day and age because it allows people to take a look into someone’s personality and character. We as a culture love to decorate everything. Our bedrooms, kitchen, living room, offices, and even bathrooms. We love to make our home and work space as inviting as possible and that allow us to feel comfortable. I love to decorate my room as much as my bank account will let me. Finding works of art at a garage sale, store, or online at an affordable price gives me a rush of excitement. I especially love to decorate my room with horse paintings. Decorating gives me such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to see a job well done and something to take pride in when I have family and friends over. It also helps others see what they can do with certain spaces to transform them into a stunning gallery of art. I am constantly on Pinterest which is basically an app that collects all sorts of topics for you to scan over.

One of my favorite things to do is to look at the décor ideas and base my rooms off of what I find. Then when I am finished with a new addition I anxiously wait till my friends can come over and see what else I’ve done. Another reason why I love decorating is that there are no limits to what you can do. You can pair one painting with your furniture, or contrast your throws with the color of the walls. My favorite thing about decorating is that it can make you and your space feel completely different and refreshed. Coming with a whole new zeal to life and that is why I think that our society is so obsessed with it as well. It brings everyone a certain sense of satisfaction (although probably only temporary) and joy into our lives and everyone who comes into our lives.

When you walk into a room, the first thing you notice is how it feels. The colors, furniture, sounds, smell, and overall decoration set the mood. For example, if you walk into a dark room with string lights, a soft, fluffy rug, and a large chair in the corner with a beautiful lamp, you may want to relax and open a book. How you decorate can reveal a lot about yourself, too. It can reveal social class, style, whether you have kids or not, and many other things, too. My father decorated his house with wooden floors and a large accent carpet because he lived in the woods and appreciated different types of wood, but needed a carpet due to the kids always dropping toys and other objects on the floor. My mother bought stainless steel appliances and spent time and money on our kitchen, revealing her love and talent for cooking. Although not commonly thought of or discussed, decor is the most important part of the room. It’s what makes a home, home.

Four years ago, I lost my family home to a fire. Everything I had ever owned went up in flames. My family moved into a small rental home shortly after. I tried to stay upbeat, but nothing in the new place was mine. The white walls stared at me, almost taunting me about what I had lost. It wasn’t until I hung up my first picture frame that I started to feel like my room belonged to me.

Eventually, this led to paint, a bed stand, a beautiful carpet, and a new western bed set. My room’s decor set a blissful mood, and it helped me enjoy spending time in this new house. It helped turn the house into a home.

Decor is extremely important and is an overlooked item that truly helps enhance humanity.

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